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From freezer fills to private dining

Our services

Personal Chef & Private Dining

Are you planning a celebration, but don't want to worry about the catering, or don't want to go out to a busy restaurant?  Then we can help.  We come to you and prepare, cook and serve your meal as well as clear away and wash up afterwards. 

Finger Buffets & salad buffets

Hosting an event, but don't want the hassle of catering?  Why not have a look at out buffet options and find one suits your event

Freezer Fill

Are you staying in one of the many holiday cottages in the area and don't want to waste your time preaparing your meals?  Have a look at our extensive freezer fill menus offering a wide range of dishes catering for any dietary requirement. We can cook a weeks worth of meals to store in your freezer, ready for you to get out and enjoy without the hassle of preparation.

The values we believe in

Our Ethos

We use as much locally produced, locally sourced sustainable ingredients as possible as well as fair trade or direct trade where we can.  We carefully chosse our ingredients, meaning that you get the best quality possible.  If we are not happy with the quality of the ingredients, they don't make it onto your plate.  Our suppliers are local, meaning that we can inspect our ingredients before we purchase them.  All of our Beef, Lamb and Pork is quality assured lakeland meat and is fully traceable back to the farm.  The meat that isn't from lakeland farms is still of the highest quality, and is still local to us.

Being a small, independant business means that we can choose where we get our ingredients from, meaning that we can source the highest quality ingredients for your menus.

We are environmentally concious, and we will use products that are from companies that are environmentally concious.  Our cleaning products reflect this, as well as being strong enough and safe enough to protect our clients.

For more information on our values, please contact us.

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Our Menus

The 14 recognised Allergens

We have to legally declare any of the 14 allergens, and these are stated on our menus.  However, if you have an allergy to something that is not on the list, please let us know at the time of ordering.  Even if you don't think it will be in your dish.  If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to  contact us.

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Some of our trusted suppliers

For our meat, dairy, eggs, and some of our dry goods
For our wholefoods, spices, herbs, and our after dinner truffles
For our fruit and veg

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Our Service area

We offer all of our services at no extra cost within 70 miles travelling distance of our office in Brampton, near Carlisle as calculated on Google maps.

We are happy to offer our services outside that area, but we will charge the government reccommended mileage rate for any mileage outside our service area (currently 45p per mile)